Anonymous: I noticed your pic of the horse dildo do you find beastiality interesting ? 

I am NOT into animal porn, I like collecting and using sex toys of all different shapes and sizes. My job is to play out your sexual fantasies using toys and role playing. Nothing more. These videos just happen to sell the most, therefore are promoted the most.

To better answer your question, I DO NOT nor have I EVER had sex with any animal. I do not wish to either. I understand why some people find it “interesting” because of the primal need to procreate. Watching another species mate can stimulate your brain to want to mate as well. HOWEVER, I do not have a personal fetish for fucking animals.

All of the animal toys that I use were purchased as gifts by multiple loyal fans. I will NEVER pass up a free toy. Especially a large one. AND THESE THINGS CUM!! Seriously! How cool is that?! O.o

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